Manually reset the state of an instance

If an instance gets stuck in an intermediate state (e.g., “deleting”), you can manually reset the state of an instance using the nova reset-state command. This will reset it to an error state, which you can then delete. For example:

$ nova reset-state c6bbbf26-b40a-47e7-8d5c-eb17bf65c485

$ nova delete c6bbbf26-b40a-47e7-8d5c-eb17bf65c485

You can also use the --active to force the instance back into an active state instead of an error state, for example:

$ nova reset-state –active c6bbbf26-b40a-47e7-8d5c-eb17bf65c485


[Note] Note
The version of the nova client that ships with Essex on most distributions does not support the reset-statecommand. You can download a more recent version of the nova client from PyPI. The package name ispython-novaclient, which can be installed using a Python package tool such as pip.
Reference: Openstack Docs

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