Run a local script on remote machine with parameters

So you have a script on the local machine and you want to run it remotely and pass arguments to it : ssh user@remote ‘cat | bash /dev/stdin param1 param2 .. paramN’ < /usr/scripts/ 😉 nJoy  

Progress bar in bash

a=0; for i in `cat $FOLDERLIST` do ((a++)) percentage=`awk -v a=$a -v b=$NUMBEROFFOLDERS 'BEGIN {printf "%3.0f", a / b * 100; exit } '` arrow=`printf '=%.0s' $(seq 1 $percentage)` headed=`printf '%s%s' $arrow '>'` paddedarrow=`printf '%-102s' $headed` echo -ne "$paddedarrow $a/$NUMBEROFFOLDERS [$percentage] \r " done echo njoy  😉