Fix Raid on LSI controllers when a disk is shown as ubad

This can be done with both megacli and storcli. Since the way forward is storcli this how to will be based on that.   storcli /c0 show all   Drive Information : =================   ——————————————————————————- EID:Slt DID State DG Size Intf Med SED PI SeSz Model Sp ——————————————————————————- 8:1 7 Onln 0 465.25 GB SATA HDD…

fstab entry for sshfs

Sample entry root@ /opt/kaltura/web fuse.sshfs _netdev,auto 0 0   nJoy 😉  

Decoding parameters in Bash script (1 space delimited)

This is a small script that takes a bash command and decodes the parameters in non sequential order except definers. #!/bin/bash if [ "$#" -ne 1 ] || ! [ -d "$1" ]; then echo "Usage: $0 " >&2 exit 1 fi while [[ $# > 1 ]] do key=”$1″ echo $key shift case $key…

Enable X11 Forwarding on Centos/Redhat

1) Install the following: xorg-x11-xauth xorg-x11-fonts-* xorg-x11-utils 2) Enable the following in the sshd_config file X11Forwarding yes 3) Use an appropriate X-Server on your desktop nJoy 😉