Installing couchbase

Tested in AWS and CENTOS6 sudo yum install wget -y mkdir binaries cd binaries sudo yum install -y pkgconfig -y sudo yum install openssl098e -y sudo yum install couchbase-server*.rpm -y nJoy 😉

To cleanup a brick previously used under glusterfs

This must be done after you REALLY know this brick is going to be re-used elsewhere not in the same volume it was used before. NOTE: Potential data loss setfattr -x trusted.glusterfs.volume-id $brick_path setfattr -x trusted.gfid $brick_path rm -rf $brick_path/.glusterfs

Playing with Glusterfs

More details in a later post but I finally realized the order of things ? Thought I’d share.   Reference sites: mkdir ~/gluster cd ~/gluster wget -l 1 -nd -nc -r -A.rpm   yum install glusterfs-libs-*.el6.x86_64.rpm -y yum install glusterfs-*.el6.x86_64.rpm -y yum install glusterfs-fuse-*.el6.x86_64.rpm -y yum install glusterfs-cli-*.el6.x86_64.rpm -y yum install glusterfs-server-*.el6.x86_64.rpm…