test Graylog GELF UDP input from Bash

for i in {1..100} ; do echo '{"version": "1.1","host":"david.org","short_message":"A short message that helps you identify what is going on","full_message":"Backtrace here\n\nmore stuff","level":1,"_user_id":9001,"_some_info":"foo","_some_env_var":"bar"}' | nc -w 1 -u graylog.mydomain.com 12201 ; done   nJoy 😉

How to test varnish vcl file

Unlike most other configuration systems varnish went with a compiled configuration so if there is a mistake all you get is :   Starting varnish HTTP accelerator: [FAILED] To check what the problem is use the following : varnishd -C -f default.vcl varnishd -C -f default.vcl Message from VCC-compiler: Expected return action name. (input Line…