How to install MySQL on CentOS

Here are the steps of what you need to do in order to install and setup MySQL on a new server. We’ll prepare a fresh CentOS 6 system (64 bit) for use as a database server. All you need is access to an SSH client and your server root credentials.   Preparing the System The […]

Sharing a screen SSH session

Sharing your Session Assuming you start a screen session using screen -S david Ask your partner to connect using (assuming they are logged in using the same user account): screen -x david Now it’s simply magical. Multiple persons can type and work on the same terminal – it works best when you’re coordinating over the phone. Note […]

Moving SSL Certs from IIS to Apache

Some instructions for converting SSL certificates generated for IIS to private key, and cert files you can use on unix, or Apache for windows. First Export your IIS certificate into a pfx file (this is something you should do anyways for backup) Run mmc.exe Click the ‘Console’ menu and then click ‘Add/Remove Snap-in’. Click the ‘Add’ button […]

Failed to run gitk: Error in startup script

Gitk is a great tool for working with Git. Unfortunately after setting up git and X11 forwarding I got this error when running gitk. The error can easily be fixed by installing dejavu-sans-fonts. yum install -y dejavu-sans-fonts The result : Voila !

Php pecl config error on centos

When installing php PECL On CentOS/RHEL (+cPanel) installations, if you get a “checking whether the C compiler works… configure: error: cannot run C compiled programs”, you may need to remount the /tmp and /var/tmp with exec permissions first: $ mount -o remount,exec,suid /tmp $ mount -o remount,exec,suid /var/tmp Then: $ pecl install {package} And, don’t forget […]

Centos No-IP setup

Howto Install no-ip utility in CentOS to fix dynamic ip issues using a subdomain from First go to no-ip webpage Register and confirm your email, then login your account and add a host. Download the linux client As user root execute: cd;wget "" tar -xvf noip-duc-linux.tar.gz cd noip-2.1.9-1 make make install Create a configuration […]