MegaCLI Megaraid useful instructions

Recently I installed a server with a Supermicro SMC2108 RAID adapter, which is actually a LSI MegaRAID SAS 9260. LSI created a command line utility called MegaCLI for Linux to manage this adapter. You can download it from their support pages. The downloaded archive contains an RPM file. I installed mc and rpm on Debian with […]

Using Stunnel to Encrypt Unsecure Connections

So you’re a fully signed up ‘tin foil hatter’ and you have an old app that communicates over the internet but doesn’t use SSL? Not to worry, there is a solution for you and its called stunnel. Stunnel is available for both Linux and Windows, and simply put creates an SSL tunnel from one machine […]

Change Hostname Permanently on Debian or Ubuntu

Debian based systems use the file /etc/hostname to read the hostname of the computer at boot time and set it up using the init script /etc/init.d/ We can edit the file /etc/hostname and change the hostname and then run: /etc/init.d/ start Steps: 1. sudo vim /etc/hostname 2. Save the file with the hostname you like […]