Amazon EC2 Docs and locations

To work with command line on the Amazon Cloud you need to get hold of the following file which is the EC2-api-tools look for the latest version here : I used the file found here. When trying to setup the Amazon EC2 tools you would expect to have some script that asks you key questions and sets up the environment […]

Adding a XFS filesystem to CentOS 5

Howto use enterprise Linux ‘extras’ to mount a XFS filesystem on a CentOS v5.2 VM Install RPM’s Note: Due to this bug (3205), install binutils to overcome the error “xargs: nm: No such file or directory” while installing kmod-xfs-xen. # yum install binutils # yum install xfsprogs yum-kmod kmod-xfs-xen # mkfs.xfs -f /dev/sda1 Check A chunk of […]