SYSTEMD – controls

Starting with Ubuntu 15.04, Upstart will be deprecated in favor of Systemd. With Systemd to manage the services we can do the following: systemctl start SERVICE – Use it to start a service. Does not persist after reboot systemctl stop SERVICE – Use it to stop a service. Does not persist after reboot systemctl restart…

Resizing a disk once the volume has grown on host in a VM (Ubuntu)

The disk will not automatically resize on many platforms once more disk space was made available. Particularly in Ubuntu 16.04 Rescanning the device for size maps : echo 1 > /sys/class/scsi_device/2\:0\:0\:0/device/rescan Then standard procedures to grow the fs apply. nJoy 😉    

Cool chkconfig replacement for Ubuntu

Hi,   Ubuntu does not carry chkconfig any more .. besides the standard update-rc.d apache2 defaults or update-rc.d apache2 remove There is a cool tool called : sysv-rc-conf. This tool can be installed using : sudo apt-get install sysv-rc-conf On its own the command opens a cool ncurses interface like this :      …

Reboot required Ubuntu

To find out what triggered this use : more /var/run/reboot-required.pkgs nJoy 😉

Installing latest ImageMagick on Ubuntu 12.04

So …   At time of writing Latest version can be found here : wget “” sudo apt-get install build-essential checkinstall && sudo apt-get build-dep imagemagick tar xzvf ImageMagick-* cd ImageMagick-6.8.6-9 ./configure –prefix=/opt/imagemagick-6.8 && make

How to allow includes, Basic Auth from outside .htaccess

This .htaccess file does the following: Allow SSI lines 1/2/3 Reauire Authenitcation for all outside except those from a particular IP the rest .. Options +Includes       AddType text/html .shtml .html AddOutputFilter INCLUDES .shtml .html AuthType Basic AuthName “Password Required For INGG Monitor” AuthUserFile /var/www/passwords/password.file Require valid-user Order deny,allow Deny from all Allow…

Installing and configuring Postfix Ubuntu 10.04

Introduction Postfix is the default Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) for Ubuntu. It is in Ubuntu’s main repository, which means that it receives security updates. This guide explains how to install and configure postfix and set it up as an SMTP server using a secure connection.   What is a Mail Transfer Agent In other words, it’s a…