Sysadmin as a Job

So .. Today I got a question asked to me :

” why did you leave programming to become a sysadmin? ”

This came as a surprise question from a new friend I have. And it got me thinking…
Why sysadmin ?

After pondering about it for a while it dawned on me. I never wanted to be a windows sysadmin but a Linux one after being a developer for about at least 20 years..

The why is growth. Linux is so vast and customizable that it gives a very powerful insight into how to do stuff and how it can be done.
I Linux / Nix based for so many years of experience knowledge grows unlike any other platform I have ever seen.

I can sustain a growth being a sysadmin and learning how to carry old school tech tools forward and drive new skills with them.
Programming in C can only take you so far before you get all tangled in useless old code.

Nix has this beautiful paradigm of piping and file structures and modular tools that can be concatenated into uncannily useful one-liners that sometime verge on the babylonic but do a beautiful job in a stream of commands piped on into another.

It’s a wizardry, a form of alchemy sometimes where through Google and Nixcraft and a few VMs you end up solving a problem which at the start you were not sure you will solve at all..

Anyway I love Unix/linux !!

Just felt like sharing the joy !! 😉

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