Failed to run gitk: Error in startup script

Gitk is a great tool for working with Git. Unfortunately after setting up git and X11 forwarding I got this error when running gitk.

Error in startup script:     (default value for "-font" in widget ".___tk_set_palette.button")     invoked from within "$q .___tk_set_palette.$q"     (procedure "tk_setPalette" line 82)     invoked from within "tk_setPalette background $c selectColor $selc"     (procedure "setui" line 8)     invoked from within "setui $uicolor"     (file "/usr/bin/gitk" line 11437)

The error can easily be fixed by installing dejavu-sans-fonts.

yum install -y dejavu-sans-fonts

The result :

Fully working Gitk
Fully working gitk !!

Voila !


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