fail to mount ntfs in BSD

[root@ftp /mnt/test]# ntfs-3g /dev/da10s1 /mnt/test fuse: failed to open fuse device: No such file or directory kldload fuse That’s a missing module needs loading. nJoy 😉

Playing with Glusterfs

More details in a later post but I finally realized the order of things ? Thought I’d share.   Reference sites: mkdir ~/gluster cd ~/gluster wget -l 1 -nd -nc -r -A.rpm   yum install glusterfs-libs-*.el6.x86_64.rpm -y yum install glusterfs-*.el6.x86_64.rpm -y yum install glusterfs-fuse-*.el6.x86_64.rpm -y yum install glusterfs-cli-*.el6.x86_64.rpm -y yum install glusterfs-server-*.el6.x86_64.rpm…

Automagically maintain a file system with autofs

Pending more detail yum install -y autofs /etc/autofs.master contains used protocols /- /etc/autofs.nfs /etc/autofs.nfs /mnt/mountpoint -fstype=nfs,rw,soft,intr,rsize=8192,wsize=8192 hostname_or_IP:/mnt/exported_folder To find out what is exported on a given machine use showmount -e nJoy 😉

Adding a XFS filesystem to CentOS 5

Howto use enterprise Linux ‘extras’ to mount a XFS filesystem on a CentOS v5.2 VM Install RPM’s Note: Due to this bug (3205), install binutils to overcome the error “xargs: nm: No such file or directory” while installing kmod-xfs-xen. # yum install binutils # yum install xfsprogs yum-kmod kmod-xfs-xen # mkfs.xfs -f /dev/sda1 Check A chunk of…