Install ffmpeg on Centos 6

Step 1 – Install ATRPMS Repository rpm –import rpm -Uvh Step 2 – Install FFMpeg from ATRPMS Repository yum -y –enablerepo=atrpms install ffmpeg Verify that you have FFMpeg installed: ffmpeg -version nJoy 😉

Recording a session for a user when he / she logs in ssh

  To start recording each session add this to the users .profile file DATE=$(date +”%Y%m%d%H%M”) mkdir /log/$DATE script -t 2>/log/$DATE/bashlogs.timing -aqf /log/$DATE/bashlogs.script   to playback go to /log/<timestamp> and run scriptreplay  bashlogs.timing bashlogs.script 3 where the 3 is the speed up factor. nJoy;  

Rebooting a Centos server ignoring CIFS or other broken / hung mount

We had a problem on a server df would hang and we knew that a cifs / samba share died and recovered. Trying unmount / with any parameters -l -f failed. Experience and google told us we need to reboot. This is a remote server and we know the shutdown hangs on going down so…

Querying network card information and status

Great tool for checking ethernet NIC information in linux: ethtool In ubuntu you might need to install it like so : sudo apt-get install ethtool The tool is easy to use:   Use ifconfig -a  to list nics then   root@wo1:~# ethtool p4p1 Settings for p4p1: Supported ports: [ TP ]        …

Convert DEB to RPM or RPM to DEB Package

You can convert DEB file to RPM package and RPM to DEB package using alien command, if you have a *.rpm file that you want to install on a Debian or Ubuntu. Convert RPM to DEB Install alien command on Ubuntu as mentioned here: # sudo apt-get install alien Now, use alien command to convert…

Restarting shpinx for kaltura

Common problem with kaltura.. Common solution … pkill searchd /opt/kaltura/bin/sphinx/searchd -c /opt/kaltura/app/configurations/sphinx/kaltura.conf nJoy 😉

One Liner Email from bash

Simple: # echo “This will go into the body of the mail.” | mail -s “Hello world” nJoy 😉  

Automagically maintain a file system with autofs

Pending more detail yum install -y autofs /etc/autofs.master contains used protocols /- /etc/autofs.nfs /etc/autofs.nfs /mnt/mountpoint -fstype=nfs,rw,soft,intr,rsize=8192,wsize=8192 hostname_or_IP:/mnt/exported_folder To find out what is exported on a given machine use showmount -e nJoy 😉