Use ssh keys to encrypt and decrypt messages

Encryption with RSA Key Pairs During the Thanksgiving holiday I wondered, “how hard would it be to encrypt and decrypt files with my SSH key?” Encryption is the purpose of public/private RSA key pairs, after all. With `openssl`, it’s not too hard. (Note: If you’re on OSX, you should install the latest versions of OpenSSL…

Unexpected Fail over warning on Couchbase servers

This is the “expected” behavior. Let me explain it, with a cluster of 3 nodes and 1 replica. So you have started with 1 node, so in this case you have only “active documents” (no replica) Then you add another node, and do a rebalance. Once it is done you have 50% of the active…

Installing node on Fedora 22

yum install gcc-c++ make openssl-devel   Install from Source code : wget tar zxvf node-v0.8.15.tar.gz cd node-v0.8.15 ./configure make make install Install from GIT repository yum install git git clone git:// cd node ./configure make make install   nJoy 😉  

package.json sample

This is the basic structure for a node.js package file { "name": "Express-Basic", "description": "Demonstrating Express", "version": "0.0.1", "private": true, "dependencies": { "express": "3.x" } } nJoy 😉

Bash test if port is open no external tools

Assume you do not have curl/telnet/netcat (or nc does not support -z as in later versions ?? why did they remove it ?? ) the following will work on any recent Bash version. (echo > /dev/tcp/skinner/22) >/dev/null 2>&1 && echo “Port is open” || echo “Port is closed” nJoy 😉

Run a local script on remote machine with parameters

So you have a script on the local machine and you want to run it remotely and pass arguments to it : ssh user@remote ‘cat | bash /dev/stdin param1 param2 .. paramN’ < /usr/scripts/ 😉 nJoy